East Catawba Animal Clinic

Your Pet’s First Visit

If this is your pet’s first visit, please send a medical history to eastcatawbaanimal@gmail.com prior to your visit.
When it comes to veterinary care, you should be able to rely on outstanding treatment and excellent service.

What to Expect

East Catawba Animal Clinic has created an excellent team of veterinary professionals to provide you with the finest possible care for your pet. Call (980) 247-1999 or make an appointment online, and we will find a time that works for you.

We will ask you for some basic information when you schedule so that we can create a chart for your family. Alternatively, you can fill out our New Client Form or arrive early to your appointment so that we can enter you into our system.

If your pet is suffering any health difficulties, please let us know when you arrange an appointment. This will guarantee that we properly schedule you.

Even if your pet is in good health, we recommend an annual check-up. This can provide a baseline for your pet, allowing us to detect changes earlier. The veterinarian will examine your pet from head to tail. This will involve a comprehensive physical assessment appropriate to the animal’s life stage, a dental exam, and intestinal parasite screenings as needed. We will discuss appropriate immunizations, preventative medicine, and other health issues with you to ensure you understand your alternatives. An annual exam can often help avert costly and painful health problems before they occur.

You can save time and money by asking your prior veterinary office to email or fax your medical records to us ahead of time. If you’ve kept a journal of your pet’s health and behavioral difficulties, bring it with you. If not, please tell us everything you believe will be significant.

In some cases, the doctor will send you to a specialist with advanced knowledge of your pet’s needs. We will continue to collaborate with the expert as long as your pet needs specialized care, just as your primary care physician does. We collaborate with some of the best specialists and specialty labs available.

If you have any questions regarding what to expect, please let us know. We are very excited to meet you!