Veterinarian Service

Pet Wellness Care in Maiden, NC

Utilizing annual wellness checks for pets in Maiden, NC, mean you will be taking the most crucial step toward safeguarding your pet’s general health.

Pet Wellness Care

Annual health checkups are an essential aspect of your pet’s preventative treatment. They provide an opportunity for your veterinarian to check for potential health issues and to update your pet’s vaccines. All dogs and cats should get an annual wellness exam or possibly more frequent for senior pets or pets with health concerns.

During the checkup, we will go over your pet’s medical history in detail, perform a physical examination, and discuss any concerns you may have about their health. We will also advise you on any preventative care steps that may be necessary, such as routine bloodwork or preventative medicine. Annual wellness examinations are essential for keeping your pet healthy and happy! Call us right away to make an appointment.